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Each and every module has a limit of how numerous packets it can produce per second.

If you exceed this restrict, the module can't open up any more connections. For details on RPI and how it affects the actual packet interval (API), see the EtherNet/IP Functionality Software Option, ENET-AP001. Selecting a Interaction Structure.

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Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P - October 2004. When you configure an I/O module, you decide on a communication structure for the module. The communication format you pick determines the knowledge construction for the tags that are involved with the module.

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Quite a few I/O modules support various formats. Just about every structure employs a different knowledge composition. The conversation format that you choose also establishes:

  • Direct or rack-optimized link
  • Possession. The out there conversation formats rely on the style of I/O module. In common: If you have this form of I/O module:Select a conversation structure that specifies:a rack-optimized link.

    to use specialty attributes of the module, these as diagnostics, timestamps, or digital fuses. a direct relationship. Input Details Output Knowledge analog module.

    a direct link (only direct connection is supported for analog modules)Float Information.

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    Integer Information CST Timestamped. See on the internet help in RSLogix 5000 programming software package for specific communication formats per I/O module. Direct or rack-optimized connection The Logix5000 controller employs connections to transmit I/O information. These connections can be direct connections or rack-optimized connections. Expression:A immediate link is a serious-time, data transfer website link amongst the controller and an I/O module.

    The controller maintains and monitors the link with the I/O module. Any split in the connection, this sort of as a module fault or the removing of a module whilst underneath energy, sets fault bits in the knowledge spot affiliated with the module. A direct link is any link that does not use the Rack Optimization Comm Format. Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P - Oct 2004. For electronic I/O modules, you can pick rack-optimized communication.

    A rack-optimized connection consolidates link utilization amongst the controller and all the digital I/O modules in the chassis (or DIN rail). Alternatively than obtaining person, direct connections for each I/O module, there is one link for the full chassis (or DIN rail). Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P - Oct 2004. Direct connections for I/O modules In this example, believe that every single distributed I/O module is configured for a direct connection to the controller. controller with EtherNet/IP conversation module. EtherNet/IP adapters with I/O modules.

    I/O I/O digital I/O modules. I/O I/O analog I/O modules. I/O I/O electronic I/O modules.

    The pursuing desk calculates the connections in this illustration. Procedure Connections:Controller to area EtherNet/IP communication module. Controller to EtherNet/IP adapter direct relationship for electronic I/O module immediate connection for analog I/O module. total connections employed: 6. If you have a lot of modules, direct connections to every module could not be feasible because you could use up the number of connections and packets per 2nd supported by the module.